A Better Me

Hi! My name is Dana, and I'm a 22 year old college student on a journey to a healthy new life.

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Back on Track

My 5k on March 15th went really well.  I completed my goal of jogging the entire thing and am super proud of myself for completing my first 5k outside (and with ice on the road) in 34 minutes.  On the other hand, I am not super proud of my eating recently.  I have been out of control and eating all the time.  It’s time to push forward and start eating well again before I lose too much progress.  As of right now I’m pushing toward being back on track. Wish me luck!

First 5k ever.  I am glad it is 20 degrees!

First 5k ever. I am glad it is 20 degrees!

Off to the gym this morning!! :)

My new job requires me to try everything on the menu before starting, which means way too much rich food this week!  


Sorry about the crappy quality of both pictures, but this is my newest progress shot.  Approximately 280lbs to 160lbs in a year and a half!

Woah! When did all the notes happen?? Thanks for all the amazing support! :)

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Anonymous asked: Congrats on your achievements! I hope you don't mind me asking but what's been the hardest part of your journey? You're my inspiration :)

Thank you so much!  I think the hardest part of my journey was starting and right now!  I am pretty close to my goal weight and keep wanting to eat cheesecake! :D  But I am continuing to push through and not letting small set backs kill my motivation! :)